BBFUK is a national network of likeminded individuals

We are a pioneering organisation that consists of a range of badminton enthusiasts, including: players; tournament organisers; club leaders; and promoters of badminton. We meet biannually to review the players’ listings which categorises all the players to the level most suited to their ability and skill. Players are measured against a range of criteria such as tournament performances, league performances, general ability, but most weight is given to tournament wins.

Initially we produced a players category list which only included only Bangladeshi players. However, because of its popularity we have expanded to include players of all backgrounds which means we are inclusive and more comprehensive.

The concept of the list was borne from issues surrounding players coming to tournaments and playing matches against others who were of significantly higher or lower ability. Thereby matches became unfairly weighted in the favour of the same players each time. This was not a fair approach to allow others to compete against players of a similar ability and provide them with an equal opportunity to win.

Ziaul Goznovi was the driving force behind creating the BBFUK we have today. He called the first meeting in 2010, inviting prominent members of the London based Bangladeshi badminton community to come together to discuss the above issue. Whilst others were aware of the problem of mismatched tournaments, he was the first person to take the initiative to try to formally address the issue and find a way forward. The initial meeting led to a second consultation during which the BBFUK was formally created. It was subsequently agreed that other delegates from the British Bangladeshi badminton community nationally would be invited to join the organisation. The intention of this was to reflect the make-up of badminton players across the country and make the game as inclusive as possible.

BBFUK have a formalised structure which consists of a committee who are elected by the members. They serve a minimum of a two year term after which a new committee is elected. Committee members have roles which they undertake to ensure the organisation runs as smoothly as possibly adhering to all rules and regulations under the constitution of the BBFUK.

What we want to achieve

The Bangladeshi community has always shared a love of the sport Badminton in both the UK and in Bangladesh. Since the late 1980s/early 1990s it has increased in popularity significantly. During this time there were few Bangladeshi badminton clubs across the UK, however we now have hundreds from around the country from major cities such Birmingham, Manchester and London to smaller towns.

There was a time when Badminton within the Bangladeshi community was popular amongst the older players averaging aged approximately 35 and above. However, there has been a shift in recent years and the number of younger players in the community taking a keen interest in the sport and proactively taking part has increased.

Our inaugural Chairman, Fokrul Islam, who served two terms with the help and backing of the committee, did a tremendous job putting BBFUK on the map – making the players category list produced by the BBFUK the most widely consulted list within the Bangladeshi Badminton community.

The task for our current Chairman, Ataur Rahman, is to further cement the role of the BBFUK into the Bangladeshi badminton community by bringing fresh ideas to develop the list further and explore the ways in which we can become more positively involved in supporting Badminton in the UK. This may include opportunities to work closely with Badminton England and the Bangladesh Badminton Federation (Bangladesh).

We could also consider organising national badminton awards to recognise the achievements of Bangladeshi badminton players across the country and increase their profile. Other projects could include, strengthening our links internationally by having some exchange in organising exhibition matches with players from Bangladesh.

Criteria For Player Listing


Associated Clubs

Westminster Badminton Club.

Barking Badminton Club.

Playing in Essex County Division 1.

Also have 2 teams in Barking & Havering District Badminton League Division 1, and 1 team in Division 2.

Won Division one 5 times in a raw.

Club nights, Mondays and Thursdays.

London United Badminton League.


Habib Ahmed

Osmani Badminton Academy.

Osmani Badminton Academy, formed in 2000, started as a badminton coaching and drop in session for young people. Due to lack of opportunities for adults in other clubs the club expanded to create an adult session. Since its inception the club has grown beyond expectations and has seen many of the young players progress through the Academy and into adult club. Since 2006, the club has been participating in the Middlesex Badminton League providing all its members the opportunity to compete against some of the best players across the South East of England. Having achieved four consecutive promotions in the league the club has had a team in the 1st division for almost 5 years. The club was founded by two badminton enthusiasts: Aminur Rahman and Minal Miah. Both individuals have dedicated all of their spare time to establish the club and make it a household name within the Badminton community in London. This has taken a significant amount of commitment on both their parts in ensuring they have been available every weekend to organise and facilitate the badminton session. Ensuring that the space and time was available for club members every week consistently meant that club became a regular fixture in the weekly timetable of all the players who wished to participate. In 2016 the club went on a badminton tour of Bangladesh, competing against players from all over the country. The club also made charitable donations to Badminton players in Bangladesh as well as clubs there. At it’s core the club continues to be part of the local community with a focus to encourage local youth to participate in physical activity and promote a healthier lifestyle. The club also supports the sport of Badminton which when the academy was first started out did not enjoy the widespread popularity of more popular sports such as football or cricket. The following individuals have worked tirelessly to ensure the day-to-day smooth running of the club, organising activities and competitions as well as helping the club to grow.

The current structure of the club is as follows: Chairman: Mujibur Rahman | Secretary : Muzibul Alom (Dipok) | Treasurer: Minal Miah | Head coaches: Shoib Ahmed and Shah Imran Kabir | 1st Team Captain: Shah Imran Kabir (Imran) | 2nd Team Captain: Giashur Rahman | Session Organiser: Aminur Rahman


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